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What’s Your Home Worth?

Are You Wondering What Your Home is Worth?


Well, First You Have to Ask Yourself… What’s Your Time Frame for Selling?

OLH Woodgrove LARGE EFFECTSThat’s the first question you MUST decide before “Paralysis of Analysis” creeps in!
Because for some, it will eventually creep in if they haven’t done the strategic planning of setting a timeline.
You’d be surprised how many home owners are plagued by procrastination if they’ve been burned in the sales process before, or if their financial situation is causing denial, or worse… catatonia!
And, that can happen in ANY tax bracket.
Into each life, a little drama must fall.
Hopefully, you aren’t in such a situation.

Because the home-selling process can be easy and fun (outside of being lucrative… though lucrative ain’t half bad, either) if you have the right REALTOR®!

But, even if you are experiencing some drama… know this:
Now, more than ever, is when you need the right REALTOR® to make the home-selling process easy and fun… and lucrative!
So, the best way to answer that question is find out how much you can net from the sale of your home…

and the best place to start is by contacting me to provide you with a FREE evaluation, which I am happy to do!

Forget Zillow with Their OUTDATED (read irrelevant) Zestimates!

Not only are their estimates not based on the most up-to-date information, but Zillow, et al., also CANNOT ACCOUNT for many things, but here are just a few:

  • any upgrades you’ve done,
  • accurate inventory with current DOM (days on market),
  • whether your surrounding competition has already had a contract (because they are behind on that information, too), and
  • how much you may still owe on your mortgage (if at all) and extrapolate net on a sale for you.


Let’s Make This Super Easy Starting NOW by Taking Advantage of the Form Below!

You’ll be surprised at how simple getting your home on the market can be once you take the first baby step of giving your contact information and answering a few questions before hitting the submit button.

Now, How Easy Is THIS?

Instead of just a silly old Competitive Market Analysis (CMA, or comps), I’ll also prove to you what it would take to sell your home in your given time frame and at what value!


P.S. Are you curious to know what your home is worth?
Call me at 214-793-2332.
Your call is No-Risk and a painfully evident ECONOMIC No-Brainer.


P.P.S. You have nothing to lose except… time and money by NOT giving me a call!