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What’s In It For YOU?

The Most Important Question on YOUR Mind!


Answered in 4 minutes…


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Erika Warfield of with Dallas City Center REALTORS®.
And as you watch this video… I bet you’ll be wondering… WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?
How many times have you heard a REALTOR® say they put their “clients first”?
It’s almost cliché, isn’t it?
Kind of like the whole… “Dallas-born and –bred, Native REALTOR® ” claim I discuss elsewhere. They’re both meaningless talking points.
I mean what kind of person doesn’t put their clients first, and if they, in fact, don’t put their clients first, who would ever think it was actually a GOOD idea to admit it?

So, Let’s Cut to the Chase… What Can You Expect to Get When You Work with Me?

1) You’ll get sagacious representation that takes into account ALL related industries, as well as the Texas economy, with regard to the Dallas real estate market…

which means you’ll get a total overall picture without the persistent myopia you see in our industry.

Because let’s face it… saying that we have a national economy is like saying there’s a national weather forecast.
It’s logically impossible.
Because if it were true, Texas would be in the toilet along with some of the other states in the nation, which isn’t happening as you’ll see in some of my other videos.
2) You’ll get a highly productive marketing platform that focuses on getting your luxury home sold, or finding you a new one, through hard work and sales dog tenacity rather than… somebody who creates busy-work for themselves on social media platforms…
BUT, to find out WHAT my whiz-bang marketing platform is exactly… you do need to contact me, but more on that in a second.
3) You’ll get rapid-fire updates and communication on a timeline that YOU set!
So many times I hear folks say, “What happened to my REALTORS®? I never hear from them!” So…

  • If you want updates weekly, you’ll get them weekly.
  • If you want them daily, you’ll get them daily.
  • If you want them hourly, you’ll get them hourly.


4) Finally, you’ll get a GUARANTEE…
Your decision to meet with me to hear the straight talk comes from not just any kind of sales professional.
Because instead of just a silly old Competitive Market Analysis (or what REALTORS® like to call a CMA, or comps… and they’ll get them right to you),

I’ll also prove to you what it would take to sell your home in your given time frame and at what value…



As I’ve said elsewhere on this site…

  • this is about Parkinson’s Law…
  • this is about not wasting time…
  • this is about maximizing the use of my time in order to maximize yours!


So, Here’s the Deal and the Bottom Line:


  • If you’re a seller (or if you qualify as a buyer)…
  • I am so confident that you’ll be thrilled to hear what I have to tell you when we meet that I am willing to make a…
  • $100 donation in YOUR NAME to “SAFER Stray and Feral Rescue”, an organization dedicated to the welfare of stray and feral cats in Dallas.

SAFER’s Mission is:

  • To practice Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) in the humane sterilization of all cats to control Dallas’ HUGE over-population problem.
  • SAFER is recognized, supported and preferred by Dallas Animal Services, under the auspices of the Dallas Cat Lady.


And TNR is recognized internationally as the safe and only way to control over-population in the feral cat community.

Talk about a Win-Win Situation!
I’m so committed to offering you this guarantee that EVEN IF YOU AREN’T HAPPY with what I have to share with you after our consultation…
I’ll still make the $100 donation in your name to SAFER!

So, it is a Win-Win Situation for you and the city of Dallas!
And fulfilling that kind of guarantee, to me… is really what the true definition of a “Dallas” REALTOR® is… one who is willing to affect change in areas of the city that often get overlooked.
I’m Erika Warfield… you can catch me at 214.793.2332, or Thanks for watching!


“Erika is Intelligent, Determined, Resourceful, and Honors All Her Commitments.”

One of things that I enjoyed about working with Erika is that she was, and is still, one of the most intelligent people I know… I say that because if she doesn’t know something, it will literally be a matter of minutes before she gets the information for you. She is an extremely determined person, who honors all of her commitments, in addition to being a quick learner and extremely resourceful.

- Kevin Caskey, Director of Dallas City Center REALTORS®, March 6, 2014
  • Director of Dallas City Center REALTORS

So, What’s the POINT?!


You CANNOT AFFORD to be represented by:


anyone who is “native” and blind to our current economic truths.
anyone whose focus is so myopic that your family’s largest investment could be placed at risk, or in the very least, not taken into it’s fuller context.
• anyone just because they are a friend of a friend, or worse… the friend of a significant other.
anyone who isn’t willing to shake up the status quo to make sure you can take care of your family’s needs.



P.S. Are you curious to know what your home is worth?
Call me at 214-793-2332.
Your call is No-Risk and a painfully evident ECONOMIC No-Brainer.


P.P.S. You have nothing to lose except… time and money by NOT giving me a call!


P.P.P.S. Or if you prefer, just click here to send me a quick note with your address and phone number,
and I’ll look it over and call you!