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The Top 5 Answers You NEED to Achieve Your Real Estate Goals!

1. What’s the deal? I really do want to know more about Erika’s background. Where do I find THAT out besides Google?

Not many folks are willing to discuss how they got their start in real estate. In the interest of full disclosure and sincere humility… here’s how I got mine:

"Erika Made My Life Easier..."

When I first met and hired Erika years ago at another brokerage, I needed another me… someone who could make calls, schedule appointments, and lead generate with the same results as if I were the one doing the work. Inevitably, she enabled me to do what I do best, which at that time was to be face-to-face with people/clients by getting and setting the appointments for me. Erika’s assistance gave me more quality time to spend with family, as well as increased my own overall quality of life by increasing my income through her lead generation efforts. In essence, she made my life easier by allowing me to focus on other things.

- Kevin Caskey, Director of Dallas City Center REALTORS®, March 6, 2014
  • Director of Dallas City Center REALTORS
2. Thoughts on discount brokers? or would you ever give a discount?


3. Do you specialize in any one neighborhood, and what are the benefits of someone who does?


4. But I do have a friend of a friend, or my spouse/significant other has a friend, in real estate… why should I go with a professional with no connections to me?


5. Why Dallas City Center REALTORS® as an indie brokerage vs. a big national corporation?


So Let’s Get Going!

  I look forward to giving you the 411 on what your home is worth! Give me a call at 214-793-2332 for your FREE, NO-RISK evaluation, so you can get your home SOLD with less stress.