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“Anti-Social” Media Page

So, How Can I Be Anti-Establishment and Not Be Gobsmacked
by Social Media?


Social Media is now so commonplace it’s how the establishment makes themselves feel busy instead of being productive in actually selling your home, or finding you a new one.
If you saw the number of classes being offered in any of the social media, your jaw would drop. Mine still does… every time I see yet another class for fee and credit hours towards our continuing education. That’s when I’m gobsmacked.
I believe in continuing education. It’s tantamount to doing our jobs successfully for YOU.
I don’t believe in social media and it’s almost non-existent benefit in marketing your home, or in how social media can be busy-work and non-productive in the end.
Facebook won’t help you in the long run. Facebook is a GREAT educational tool, and my associates have their pages, but make no mistake… Any REALTOR® that tells you he’s having great success on Facebook as a business tool generating you leads, prospects, and buyers needs to be fact-checked.
Seriously, ask them for their Facebook (or other social media) sales stats.
Aside from that, recent projections for Facebook are that by 2017, the great Book of Faces will be losing 80% of its users. In other words, it’s already peaked and now it’s on the decline.
So, you won’t see me playing on Twitter or Facebook (outside of providing educational resources or running ads) or Tumblr or Pinterest or going bananas with a blog because I believe that being busy is a far cry from being PRODUCTIVE for YOU.

So, What’s the POINT?!


You CANNOT AFFORD to be represented by:


anyone who is “native” and blind to our current economic truths.
anyone whose focus is so myopic that your family’s largest investment could be placed at risk, or in the very least, not taken into it’s fuller context.
• anyone just because they are a friend of a friend, or worse… the friend of a significant other.
anyone who isn’t willing to shake up the status quo by being productive instead of just busy to make sure you can take care of your family’s needs.




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