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The Anti-Establishment REALTOR®


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In Support of Women-Owned Businesses in Dallas, TX: Vintage Dress - Janet Staring of Circa 1955 Vintage (Etsy) Tailoring - Bea Harper of The Fitting Room Photography - Kelly Williams Photography

In Support of Women-Owned Businesses in Dallas, TX:
Vintage Dress – Janet Staring of Circa 1955 Vintage (Etsy)
Tailoring – Bea Harper of The Fitting Room
Photography – Kelly Williams Photography

So, I’ve been ruminating on this analogy for quite awhile and…
I’m just going to throw this food for thought out there to anyone with an interest in getting their luxury home sold without all the fluff and puff…
Do you need to be clothed in menswear to be able to sell menswear?
Think about it.
Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?
Answer is NO… right?

Then, WHY do so many REALTORS® plaster their credentials with the fact that they are “native Texans” or “Dallas-born and/or –bred”?

Does it really matter?

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m neither a native Texan, nor was I born and raised in Dallas.


(And… if you’re looking for the typical biography that most REALTORS® offer on their websites, you’ll be sorely disappointed here at this one.)



You’ve been warned.

Full Disclosure.




The straight talk is that like most folks, I can’t even say that I got here to Dallas as fast as I could.
Truth be told, I’m a lot like other closeted Texas transplants… afraid to tell the story of my shameful behavior in how I got here… I was dragged here practically kicking and screaming in my youthful ignorance.
In my case, I was a contractor’s brat, having lived internationally (in places that boggle my adult senses even now) before my parents finally settled in Texas. In my delusional young mind, I was the ever-grateful globe trekker… until Texas.
Why on Earth would we move to Texas?
Boy, was I wrong. Texas ended up rocking my world.
Yes. I was an insufferable teenager, especially during that move… but, hey, at least I was an awesome traveler. As a kid, I could pack a day bag faster than most adults.
In fact, you can say I’ve been bucking the status quo since pretty much… well, since birth. If you must know, I was a discount Christmas baby. The obstetrician gave my parents $100 off my delivery (being that I was already 2 days late)… IF they would allow him to induce labor. He didn’t want to miss his Christmas golf vacation in Palm Springs.

So… I’ve been shaking up the status quo since birth.
I’ve, also, since learned how to drive a hard bargain given my auspicious start. In retrospect, my folks should have made the good doctor negotiate against himself, “Is that the best discount you can offer? How badly do you really need to make your tee time?”
I mean… if your kid will be forever known as the Blue-Light Special in the family, then get the best deal you can, right?!
I digress.
The thought of living in Texas for anyone at the time of our transplanting was completely misinformed at best. The original “Dallas” TV show might as well have been the Wikipedia entry for “Texas”, had Wikipedia existed at that time.

What’s that got to do with selling your home… or helping you find one?

Times have changed, the secret about the real Dallas is out, EVERYBODY now wants to roost in Texas…

and as long as your REALTOR® knows how to compel buyers and sellers to action, the sky is the limit to achieving your own real estate goals!



How so?

Because your REALTOR® should be a top-notch sales hound no matter WHERE they were born and raised!

I prefer to think of myself as a Staffordshire Terrier, but that’s another story.  So, if you’re looking for the type of REALTOR® and sales hound that would lounge about in Paris Hilton’s lap or Birkin bag, I’m not for you…

BUT, I think you’ll change your mind about what kind of sales hound you need in terms of straight talk and knowing what’s coming for Texas when you see THIS:
Stunning Economic Projections Forecasted for Texas 2050!


Not only do those projections mean OUR state will be getting a huge influx, it means that there will be a lot of movement to Dallas, both from intra- and interstate relocation.
Add to the above Real Estate Center of Texas A&M projections…

THIS bright shining spotlight about Why Texas Is BOOMING and why our state legislators don’t have time to mess around with protecting it!


And isn’t not having the time to mess around with ANYTHING what selling, or finding, your luxury home is all about?

Selling, or finding, your luxury home is about getting the job done…
• With honesty
• With integrity, and
• With the most up-to-date knowledge about the economy and related industries to the Dallas real estate market…

How many native-REALTORS® you know are so hyper-focused on Dallas housing that they fail to realize:


  • that the Fed is currently cutting back on all the QE and bond-buying (which up to this point had been the reason for falling interest rates on mortgages) from now until the end of 2014, and
  • that having Janet Yellen as the Fed Chair pretty much ensures that we will continue to have a strong market at least through 2014.

Barring Yellen and the Fed, Texas has a lot to offer, and many future transplants from Bluer states than ours are looking for Greener pastures (read the chance of prosperity, as well as freedom from Fed Regs) in the Great Red State of Texas.
Think on this…
Even the British know what’s happening in our state.
… I’ll let that sink-in for a moment…

Do YOU know what’s happening in Texas to make those across the Pond take notice?


Does your typical “native” Texan or Dallas REALTOR®?


If not on either of those counts, be sure to check out What The Brits Know That Texans Don’t!


So, What’s the POINT?!


You CANNOT AFFORD to be represented by:


anyone who is “native” and blind to our current economic truths.
anyone whose focus is so myopic that your family’s largest investment could be placed at risk, or in the very least, not taken into it’s fuller context.
• anyone just because they are a friend of a friend, or worse… the friend of a significant other.
anyone who isn’t willing to shake up the status quo to make sure you can take care of your family’s needs.


But I totally understand if you would like to have more information on my professional background…

In fact, you can get it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, if you click right HERE.


“Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover… Erika has Great Depth!”

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Erika has many attributes that many would not assume. I personally love that she is a faithful Christian and devoted to her causes. It is said one should never judge a book by its cover. This is so true of Erika… she has great depth! Her depth is probably the most important thing one can know about her.

- Kevin Caskey, Director of Dallas City Center REALTORS®, March 6, 2014
  • Director of Dallas City Center REALTORS

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